Video appunto: Breakable and Fragile


Breakable is an adjective used to describe an item that can be destroyed or damaged. It can also be used as a noun to refer to things that are easily broken.
Beverages in glass bottles are not allowed in the pool area, because glass is such a breakable material that it would be dangerous when so many people are walking around in bare feet.

When Joshua moved, he placed all the breakables in a special box so the movers would know to be extra careful when handling them.
The expression breaking point refers to the point at which something will break, or it figuratively refers to the point at someone's nerves or emotions can't endure anything else.
My boss is pushing me to breaking point; she always criticises my work and makes me do everything again. I think I'm going to resign.
The model bridge that the students designed collapsed after they added just another toothpick. Although that last toothpick didn't weigh much, the bridge had already been pushed to its breaking point.


The word fragile is used to describe something that can easily be broken, damaged, or destroyed.
Please do not pick up any of the glass figures on that shelf; they are very fragile. If you'd like to see one more closely, just let me know and I'll show it to you.
When snorkeling or scuba diving, you should never touch coral reefs. They are extremely fragile ecosystems.
When describing people or a state of mind, fragile means having poor health or being vulnerable in some other way.
After suffering a stroke, Kate's great-aunt was very fragile and the doctors felt that it wasn't a good idea for her to be released from the hospital.
Although Barney gives the impression that he's a very confident person, his ego is quite fragile and he has a hard time dealing with rejection.