Video appunto: Peninsular and Empty


A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is called a peninsula. Anything from or resembling a peninsula is peninsular.
Peninsular places do not have the same cultural specificities as islands, where the people are famous for their unique and shy ways.
The whole neighbourhood is rather peninsular, so you can see it's surrounded by water on almost three sides.
It makes for wonderful views from most of the higher residential buildings.
In the Spanish¬American colonies, people born on the Iberian peninsula were called peninsulars.
The wars for independence in Latin America were often fought by local elites who resented the privileges of peninsulars, or people born in Spain.
Colonial Latin American society was dominated by a minority of peninsulars, who were not born in the colonies, but on the Iberian peninsula.


Something empty contains nothing and the verb to empty means to remove the contents from something.
When the police returned my stolen handbag, I discovered that my wallet was empty. The thieves had taken my cash and credit cards.
I had to empty my closet after rain came through a leak in the roof and soaked everything. I will have to throw away some of my dresses.
An empty is a bottle or jar that has been emptied and will be recycled or returned for the deposit paid on it. Running on empty literally means that your car's gas gauge shows that the tank is empty although your car is still running. Figuratively, it means that you have pushed yourself beyond your limits, and you have nothing left in you.
Once a month, I take my empties to the local redemption center. I get back the deposit money I paid when I bought them.
At mile 22 of the London Marathon, Mike was running on empty. He had to rely on his emotions to help him finish the race.