Video appunto: Guest and Bite


A guest is a customer at a hotel or restaurant. A guest is also a visitor who is invited to your home. You can welcome, receive or greet a guest when they arrive to your home.
We treat our guests like family at this hotel. We do everything we can to make them want to come back again.
My family and I enjoyed staying as guests at my uncle's farm over the summer, but we all agreed that we would not want to live there all year round.

A guest of honor is a very special guest that the host wishes to honor with that title. He or she will be treated very well. Many people keep a guest bedroom in their homes. This is a special room set aside for visitors.
Grandpa was the guest of honor at the party. He sat at the head of the table and everyone raised their glasses in a toast to him.
When we were children, Mom would occasionally let us sleep in the guest bedroom as a special treat, but only on Friday nights, and only if we had d
one all our homework.


When you bite, you are cutting off a piece of food with your teeth, or attacking with your teeth. Bite can also refer to a mouthful of food that has just been bitten.
Ronnie always made a point of asking people if it was OK for him to pet their dogs before he did it. Once, a German Shepherd had tried to bite him, and he didn't want that to happen again.
It took more than thirty minutes, but I finally convinced my very picky six¬ year ¬old son to try a bite of lasagne. He spat it out right afterwards, but taking a bite was a big step.
When you choose to say nothing instead of saying something that may be offensive or hurtful, you are* biting your tongue. And you bite the hand that feeds you* if you attack the person who is helping you or paying you.
Mark asked me what I thought of his new hairdo. I thought it looked terrible, and made him look older and less hip than he really is, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I had to bite my tongue.
Of course, everyone should be honest all the time, and stealing is always wrong, but if you steal from your own employer, that's really biting the hand that feeds you.