Video appunto: Make an effort and make a big thing

Make an effort

When you make an effort to do something, you try to get it accomplished or make it happen.

Ex: Please make an effort to be on time to your classes; today we have very important things to learn
at school.

Ex: If you make an effort to say you are sorry, I'm sure your brother will forgive you.
He should, since
he has also made mistakes.

Make an effort is a synonym of the word try. To test whether the phrase
make an effort fits into a sentence, use the word try in its place.

Ex: You may find the mountain trail difficult, but if you make an effort, you
will be rewarded.

Ex: You may find the mountain trail difficult, but if you try, you will be

Make a big thing

When you make a big thing of something, you draw more attention to it than it would normally

Ex: Because Sue has not been feeling well for weeks, we want to make a big thing of her return to the
office with a welcome back lunch.

Ex: Please do not make a big thing of my birthday this year, I am not excited about turning 40 years
old! Call off any surprise parties that you have been planning, please!

Ex: The best thing you can do when something bad
happens is learn from it and move on with your business objectives
rather than make a big thing of it, which will only discourage you and
the others working for you.