Video appunto: Neat and tidy, Sick and tired, Loud and clear

Neat and tidy

When something is clean, organized and tidy, you can say that it is neat and tidy or clean and tidy.
Her house is always very neat and tidy. Although she has a busy schedule, she makes an effort to keep it clean.
Who says that children always have to be neat and tidy? Sometimes you have to make a mess to learn something new.

Sick and tired

If you are annoyed or angry with something or someone you could say that you are sick and tired.
I'm sick and tired of those students making that noise – I'm going to call the police if they don't stop playing such loud music.
We are all sick and tired of seeing stores closing in our town. Just this week, five stores closed down on my street.

Loud and clear

The phrase loud and clear is used to show that you have understood something very clearly or very easily.
You don't have to shout –I can hear you loud and clear. You're so loud that even the neighbors over the road can hear you.
His message was loud and clear. We all understood what he wanted and made a deal to follow his plan.
In radio communications, another expression to state that a signal is being received clearly is five by five (5x5). Nowadays, this expression can also be used in other situations, not only in radio communications, meaning "I understand you perfectly"
Can you hear me? How is my signal? - Yes, perfect. Five by five. The signal is perfectly clear.
The policeman waited until the radio signal was 5x5. He wanted to be sure his partner got his message.