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7 Livet Drive
Prittle Whinging
Surrey W23 4RD
United Kingdom

31st June

Dear Daniel,
How are you? We do not feel for ages, I'm sorry but I'm not at my house, so I could not call you.
Indeed my grandmother has become ill and so my family and I are at her house. With the excuse of school, my sister has remained with an aunt, but I must remain here until Christmas.
And as you can well understand, here there is not a phone, let alone a computer .. My grandmother has remained at eighteen hundred!
You do not know how I'm regretting that I have finished school last year: to be here is boring..
By the way, what about your exams? Were you able to pass analysis 2? Am I wrong or is the third time you try to do it? But do not be dismayed, I spoke with Sam and he assured me that soon we will be able to meet us, so we could start the rehearsing with the band. And who knows, maybe Mary could give you a hand to repeat. All things considered she was promoted with honors.
Okay, I will not bore you, I will not speak more of your disastrous ratings.
Rather, you know that I am organizing a party for Christmas? My parents will stay here by my grandmother, so the house will be all for me. Or rather, for us. What do you say? We could call Franck, Paul, Lisa, Scott, Lea, Naya and the others .. And I promise that this year I will ask Mark to ransack the fridge of his parents. We'll have fun.
You think you're with us or you're going to spend the holidays to study analysis?
Okay, okay, I'll stop.
Let me know for the party.

A kiss, Amy Pond.

PS. As long as I am locked up here with my grandmother, you'll have to use one of your pens to write me. You could use the gold one that your grandfather gave you for graduation, I am sure that you have not even removed from the envelope.
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