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Letter of Complaint – Holiday

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to complain about a 3-day “ABC Citybreaks” holiday to Bramville. I was completely disappointed with this holiday which was not as the “ABC Citybreaks” advertisement showed.

The Museums and Art Galleries were only open on weekends and because of the small time available and this overlapping I could not visit them all. What is more, the “wide range of shopping” as it was presented in the advertisement, was very disappointing. I could only find a few redundant shops of poor quality.

The three star hotel was extremely lacking in facilities and I was not satisfied with the service I received. The room looked onto the street and therefore was very noisy and at the same time I was forced to keep the window open to allow for some ventilation during the nights, which were extremely hot. In addition it took me almost 30 minutes to walk to the city centre because there was no bus stop nearby and this also differed from what I had been told.

Finally the journey home was a complete disaster. It took me an hour to get to the station where I had to wait more than two hours for the train to arrive. Because of the delay I lost my connection and I wasn't even given a refund.

In conclusion, I am writing to ask a total refund of £ 200.

Best regards,

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