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Letter of Complaint: A prize won in a competition

To whom it may concern,

Re: prize won in the WWTV’s Travel-n-Learn show competition

I am writing to complain about the prize that I have received after winning the competition organized by one of your shows, the WWTV’s Travel-n-Learn show, last February.

There are several issues with the pack I have received. First of all the pack was supposed to be delivered in early April and not in early June but, most importantly, I had asked for an English pack, but since you sent me a Russian one I’ve been having serious problems of understanding its contents. But this is not all and language aside the travel video has a poor picture quality when it was supposed to be HD definition, one of the two audio cassettes was broken when I opened the pack (the film was dislodged and creased) and the textbook which was listed in advertisement as an item that was included in the pack is missing altogether.

I participated in the competition because I was interested in winning the prize advertized and I’m not at all satisfied with it. Therefore I am writing to ask to you to deliver a new pack in English and including all the listed items: travel video, textbook and two audio cassettes, possibly functioning.

Thank you for your concern and the time you will dedicate to my request.

Best Regards.

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