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Lissone, February 15
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Dear Katia,
it’s fantastic here. The weather is sunny and hot. The hotel is comfortable and is brilliant on. My parents and I have a different room; and I can go out in the night with my friends, but my parents don’t know that.
From my room, all I can see the beach.
The city near the hotel is very small but it’s very beautiful and the people are very friendly. And in the city I have met new friends. The names of my new friends are James, he is 15 years old, Kate she’s 16 and she’s very funny, they are brother and sister. They come from Cambridge. Now I’m staying in my room and very soon I will go to dinner. Later I, James and Kate are going to the pub. And what are you doing? What’s the weather like?
See you soon!

P.S. I play football very much and I love it. It’s very funny!!! Bye bye
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