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Informal Letter to a pen friend: summer holidays

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your last letter and invitation, it was very nice of you. I’m really pleased that you want me with you and your family this summer.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to come. Believe me when I say that I’m deeply sorry about it, but I’ve already made other plans and it is too late to get this one organized.
You know, I’ll be going to the mountains with my family soon after the end of the school term and I’ll be there hiking and relaxing until the 10th of July. I’m then going to join my sister during her horse competitions for a whole week, fingers crossed she’s going to win!
On the 19th of July I’ll be then leaving for Sardinia, to enjoy the seaside with some family friends. And maybe, once we are there, we may even take the ferry to Corsica where some other of our friends have an amazing house facing the rocky shore. Of that I’m not sure yet, but I really can’t miss it! The only certainty is that I’m starting school again as soon as three days after I’m back.

You see it’s impossible for me to fit a journey to see you in this very tight schedule, even if I’d very much like to. So I was wondering… why don’t we meet up over Christmas? Wouldn’t you like it?
Have a great summer holidays and let me know about Christmas!
Lot of love,
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