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Grant Application

Dear Director,

I saw your advertisement in the “Carlino” and I would like to apply for a grant to study in Britain for a semester during the next school year.

I’m a seventeen years old girl attending a scientific High School with languages orientation. I have good grades in all subjects but I am mostly keen on languages. I have been studying English for five years, at school and privately, and now I’m preparing myself for the First Certificate exam to be hold next December.

I have never had the opportunity to go to Britain although I think that going abroad is actually the best way to learn a language in the proper way. Going to Britain for a semester would be a great opportunity to improve my English and continuing studying at the same time. I’m sure I would benefit from this opportunity also in my character and personality as such an experience will help understand who I am and what I want. Also taking care of myself in a different country would be a great opportunity to grow wiser.

Unfortunately, such an experience abroad is very expensive and my family could never afford anything like it. This is why winning this grant would be a great opportunity for me to make this dream come true.

I really hope to receive this grant.

Yours faithfully,

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