letter of complaint

Useful language for complaints
I am writing in connection with…
I am writing to complain about…
I wish to bring to your attention some problems which I encountered…
I am writing in response to your letter asking for detailed comments about (our stay) at your (hotel)..
Unfortunately, the information you gave was misleading…
I am sorry to say that I was disappointed…
You claim.. In fact….
I must inform you that…
I clearly stated that we required…
I would appreciate a full/partial refund.
I feel I am entitled to an explanation of/an apology for/ compensation for what happened.
I feel that at least an apology or better still a refund is due to us.
May I request that you have……as soon as possible?
Please let me know your decision as soon as possible.
I would appreciate an early reply.
I shall expect to hear from you…
If I hear nothing from you, I will have little choice but to…
I await your response to…


Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m writing in regard to a pair of trousers that I bought at your boutique last week. I have to say that I was not satisfied with either the quality of the trousers or the service I received.
Firstly, you claim that your clothes are top quality. In fact, this was not the case. The trousers tore after I had worn them only once. In addition, you mention in your advertisement that you have an expert seamstress. However, when I got the trousers back from repair, I saw that the sewing was so badly done that I still could not wear them.
Finally, in spite of your claims of polite service, the shop assistant was impatient and rude. She tried to convince me to exchange the ruined trousers for something else, but I could not find anything I liked in the shop. Despite this, she refused to give me a refund.
In view of what has happened, I would like a full refund for the trousers.
I look forward to your reply
Yours faithfully
Marian Swanson

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