Video appunto: Joke and Comical


To joke means to laugh at or make fun of a situation. People can joke about many things, such as the news, celebrities, life situations, or their own mistakes. The noun joke refers to what you say or do to make people laugh.
One of Michael's favorite things to do was to joke about food. He loved laughing at the funny things we eat, such as oysters, squid, and lobster.

We could tell Sarah was nervous making her speech. But she helped herself by making a joke about her stress, and making everyone laugh made it easier to finish her talk.
To joke around means to make fun of someone or something with another person or to make them laugh. If someone says they are joking around with you, it means they do not want you to think they are being serious with what they say.
George told Caroline he was joking around when he said he was born on Mars. He just wanted her to laugh about the differences in their personalities.
To be popular or make new friends, you have to be able to make them laugh. The first time you meet someone, joke around with them to see if it makes them comfortable.


Any joke, idea, or behavior that is funny is described as comical. This means it is not meant to be serious or is meant to make someone laugh.
James has a way of making everyone around him laugh at the things he does. Even getting coffee is comical when James does it, and his colleagues enjoy his funny personality.
It was very comical to see the large man accidentally wear his friend's coat. It was so small on him, it looked like he was a giant wearing children's clothing.
A synonym for the word comical is amusing. Something that is funny or causes others to laugh is considered amusing. However, the word is usually used to describe something that is only a little funny.
James is not very good at telling jokes. But his story about shopping at Wal¬Mart was surprisingly amusing because he told it in a funny way.
It is amusing to think about how much people in the south love butter. We put butter on everything, even cereal and eggs in the morning.