Video appunto: Come candidarsi ad una posizione di lavoro in inglese

Esempio di lettera per cercare un lavoro

Lettera da scrivere al manager per potersi candidare alla posizione.

1 -introduzione di se stesso
2 - descrizione delle abilità esperienze precedenti
3 -quando sono disponibile a cominciare il lavoro

Dear Sir,

I'm writing because I would like to apply for the part -time job at.
......that I read the AD on the magazine last week and the benefits on web site of your company. I'm a 22 years -old. I have a degree in International Management of Venice and at present I'm working full -time in a business company but I'm particularly keen on sport/languages/art , especially.

I speak English quite welll Spanish and French until when I was a child. I lived in England for six minths in 2016 for the Erasmus Project. Also I have digital graphic skills as Photoshop Cs6 and Autocad for design.
Last year I worked to Boston. It has been an important experience for my professional growth ad my future.

My term finishes on 5 th July and I'm free until the August but I'll go on holiday for two weeks so i would like to start The part-time job until 3 th Semptember. I do hope you will be interested in my application /I hope you will consider my appplication.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Janet Howard.
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