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1. Hello Luca,
we’re having a party on Saturday 22nd December at the oratory Carol W. The party is from 9 a.m.. the party is to raise money for disabled people. We’ve need money for build a residence for disabled people. The party during a day. At the morning the blind people. The party and some volunteers distribute the breakfast.
We’ve a barbecue in the garden for the lunch. In the afternoon we provide a cool music to dance, funny games for childrens and foods. If you want to participate, you have to pay 20£. We hope to see you there,

2. Hi,
I’d like to come, but a couple of questions. One thing, can I help you to organize the party? I can find a sponsor for the party for raise more money? i've Another thing to ask you: can I bring a friend? Some last thing, what I wear for the party? How do I get to oratory?
Thank you

Well if you want help us you can but we’ve already three sponsor. Yes, you can bring a friends but also they’re pay 20£. You can get to oratory on the number 245 bus. You should get off the bus before the garden with two big red slide. For the party you can wear casual clothes.
p.s. you can pay Saturday
see you soon
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