Video appunto: Concert tickets

Concert Tickets

Tony: Hey, Lisa. Where are you? Are you at home?
Lisa: I am here. What's up?
Tony: Open the door. I have got something special for you. A big surprise!
Lisa: Hi, come in. What do you mean you have something special for me?
Tony: Look. What are these?
Lisa: Tickets.
Tony: That's right. They are tickets to the Joe Stone concert.
I managed to get two for us. You want to come? We’ll have fun, it’ll amazing.
Lisa: Joe Stone? I love him. Are you serious? You must be kidding me? I can’t believe it. But how did you get them? My brother could not get them when he tried and he has got connections.
Tony: Like I told you, I managed to get them. I did not say that it was easy.
Lisa: I cannot believe you managed to do that. Over 100,000 tickets have been sold and they
are sold out now. Nobody can get tickets. You are amazing.
Tony: Well, I have my ways. I called a friend who is a friend of Joe Stone. There was a couple
who could not go to the concert, so they had some tickets. It was just luck, really. Your brother
was probably not able to get any tickets because he was using the normal channels.
Lisa: Wow! I am so excited that I will be able to go to the Joe Stone concert.
Tony: Now, if I can manage to get the car from my parents, we can have a really nice night
Lisa: It sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to see him.