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First Letter to pen friend

Hello Christy,

my name is Xxx, I’m a 16 years old girl from Rome, Italy. I was given you name and details by my teacher during class and I would like to be your new pen friend.

I am blue-eyed and brown-haired. I’m a little short for my age but everyone reminds me that the best gifts are in small packages. I like keeping my hair short and spiky because they are more comfy, but mostly because I want to differentiate myself from my sister, who has them long and wavy. We are twins and we really look alike. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I’m a sociable and very active person. I like spending my time with my friends and team-mates. In fact, I’m a very sportive girl, I love playing basketball (I play the role of the playmaker, given my "height") and swimming and sometimes, in particular during holidays, I go horse-riding or scuba-diving. Have you ever tried scuba? The feeling of being suspended in mid-water… I just find it amazing!

I’m attending a scientific high school and like it just fine. I love biology and chemistry, but also languages and study English both at school and privately. Having a pen friend would help me improve my English, but also I would like to know someone from a different country and know more about it.

I hope you will write back soon.


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