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To be indigenous means to be a native of a country, to be born in a place, to have been originated in that place. When something is naturally occurring in a place, it is said to be indigenous to the place.
EX: The indigenous peoples of Florida had to make use of native materials in their buildings, which often included saw palmetto leaves to keep out moisture.
EX: Wampum, white and purple shell beads that are indigenous to the American coast, were used as a form of money by American indian tribes living along the ocean inlets.
The word native is a synonym of indigenous, meaning that one is born in a particular place or that something originates in that place. Either a person or a thing can be native to a place.
EX: The native peoples of Australia, the Aborigines, migrated from Africa and New Guinea about 50,000 years ago.
EX: It is surprising to some Americans to learn that oranges are not native to the state of Florida, but were brought to North America by Spanish explorers.


Aboriginal means existing in a place or region from the beginning, the earliest recorded people groups in an area are aboriginals.
EX: One of the largest exhibits in the new museum featured relics from excavation sites where the aboriginal tribes had settled.
EX: In attempting to locate his earliest ancestors, Keith acquired some historical records that indicated his family may trace its origins to aboriginal peoples.
The term Aboriginals is often used to specifically refer to the native people of Australia, and is most often capitalized when used in this context.
EX: Rabbit Proof Fence is a film that explores the difficult relationship between British Australians and the Aboriginal people of the continent.
EX: The Aboriginal instrument, known as the didgeridoo, is a long wind instrument made from bamboo and is used in traditional ceremonies.
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