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Report on an event

To: Mr. Smith
From: Xxx
Subject: Reactions of people living in the area of the outdoor music festival

The aim of this report is to present the reasons why the majority of the resident people interviewed after the outdoor music festival recently organized by the school complained about the event.

The great majority of the people interviewed (90%) complained about the noise level and the dirt they found along the street on the morning after the festival. In particular the loud music, the shouting people in the street and the continuous noise of the motorbike traffic didn’t allow the residents to sleep until well after the end of the festival.
In addition, a huge quantity of rubbish (cans, glass bottles, wrappers, plastic glasses, paper bags) left on the pavement disturbed the residents very much.

Moreover, 15% of the people interviewed were also parents of some children who attended the music festival and they strongly complained about the presence of alcohol which consumption should have been prohibited to underage kids (as it had been agreed previously).

It is therefore recommended that next year the event is organized in a non-residential area and that the watch over the students’ behavior and environmental respect is implemented.

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