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Dairy is an adjective for milk and any products made from milk like butter, cheese, icecream and yogurt. A dairy, as a noun, can mean a building or business for storing and processing milk and milk products.
Ex: Julia's family has a dairy farm. They raise cows and goats for the milk and sell milk, cheese and yogurt at the local farmers' market.
Ex: Sarah's a vegetarian, but she can eat dairy, so anything with cheese or yogurt would be fine to serve for dinner when she comes.
People who cannot digest milk are called lactose intolerant. Products that are made without milk or used instead of milk, like soy or rice milk, are often called non-dairy.
Ex: When I learned that I was lactose intolerant, I was rather upset that I had to give up ice-cream. But then I discovered a non-dairy ice cream made from coconut and soya milk.
Ex: I got Tania a coffee at the snack bar, but they didn't have any real cream, so I had to use a non-dairy cream powder instead. I hope she likes it.


Cream is the thick, fatty liquid that settles at the top when fresh milk is left to sit. We also use cream for any thick, white liquid or semi-solid that is used in cosmetics or medicine, such as lotion, moisturizer and antibiotic ointments.
Ex: I know cream has a lot of fat, but black coffee just doesn't taste very good without it. I need at least some cream in there!
Ex: This cold, dry weather was really rough on Sarah's hands. She turned to John and asked if he had any hand cream she could borrow.
Whipping cream is a special kind of cream that has enough fat to be whipped into a new frothy, foamy texture. This is usually used for thick cream sauces or as a dessert topping. Cream can also be used as a verb to describe beating someone at a competitive game by a wide margin. We often say this in the passive form as we got creamed.
Ex: The cream sauce is delicious, but the recipe called for a lot of heavy whipping cream so I'm sure the fat content is really high.
Ex: Our team played very badly at the championship last week. The score was 4:0; we really got creamed!
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