Video appunto: Bang and Punch


To bang means to hit something with a large amount of force. When you bang something, it can be on purpose or by accident.
We knew Josh was home, but he wasn't opening the door. So we banged on the door loudly until he heard us and let us in.
While dancing in the living room, Maria fell and banged her head against the table.
She felt a little sore but said she didn't need to see a doctor.
Just like the word bang means to hit something hard, it can also describe a loud sound that is made when something is hit. In this case, a bang is a loud, sudden noise.
Late last night, we heard a big bang coming from the garage. When we went to see what made the noise, it was just the dog knocking over the trash cans.
If you have ever seen a movie about space exploration, you know rockets make a loud bang before they launch astronauts into space.


To punch means to use your fists or closed hand to hit someone. You can punch a person or object. Usually, boxers wear gloves before they punch someone.
George was always trying to start a fight with people at school, but he never expected them to fight back. He was shocked when Little Justin finally punched him in the face.
If you are ever so angry you don't know what to do, consider the sport of boxing. It is much safer to punch a plastic bag than to hurt someone else in your anger.
Just like a punch is a strong hit, to roll with the punches means to adapt or adjust to the hard times in life. Someone who doesn't let things upset them easily is someone who rolls with the punches.
Ashley has been through a lot of broken relationships. But she always rolls with the punches and tries to focus on the good things she has in her life.
Don't be upset when you don't get the job you want. Just roll with the punches and keep looking for the next big opportunity to come your way.