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Hooked is a slang term for being obsessed with or addicted to a bad habit. It usually refers to being in the habit of taking narcotic drugs.
The newspapers are reporting a rise in teenagers becoming hooked. This is alarming as these teens do not realize how harmful it is to their bodies.
Many famous athletes have become hooked on the prescription painkillers that their team doctors gave them to help with injuries.
Hooked can also refer to anything shaped like the curve of a hook or something that is made of or collected by a hook.
Billy was not very excited about going fishing with his father, but when he hooked his first fish he began to enjoy it.
My most prized possession is a rug that my grandmother hooked for me when I was just an infant. The colors are faded now, but I still think it is beautiful.


The word dependent refers to needing, or depending, on someone else for help. It usually means financial help or some type of life sustaining aid. It is also common for a drug addict to be referred to as dependent on a substance.

Infants in the womb are dependent on their mothers for nourishment. Their only source of vitamins and minerals is through the food consumed by the mother.
Teenagers are usually dependent on their parents for food and spending money unless they have their own job.
Dependent can also refer to someone or something that is a subordinate or it can be used to talk about an outcome that is decided by something else.
My secretary is too dependent on me for directions. I would like her to know exactly what to do without being told.
Our trip to the beach is dependent on the weather. If it rains heavily we will have to reschedule the trip for another time.

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