Holiday in Brighton

Hi Bazzu,
How are you? I hope fine. I'm so excited and I want to know about the lovely holiday I'm having here in England (Wonderful!!). Have you ever been to Brighton? It's a nice seaside town in South of England. People here are very friendly and the wheater is mild and sunny so I have already sunbathed several times. I have attached some pictures that I took the first day I was here. There are a lot of fashionable and cheap shops in the centre of the town! You know that I love shopping, but I haven't gone shopping yet because I haven't had time. I have started an interesting English course and at school I have met lots of new friends from Spain, Germany and China, too. I have learnt some Chinese words, but it's really hard to remember them. I have been to London recently: it's such a wonderful city, but it takes a long time to visit it. I love London because there are many cool attractions and because in the night, the city is illuminated. I saw a concert of my favourite group: it was really great! I hope to return its. And what about you? What are you doing in Paris? Write to me as soon as possible!

See you later and I recommend you pass a nice holiday with your parents and your friends, have fun, do not wait to meet you!
Francesco. xxx

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