Video appunto: Bump and Freeze


To bump means to hit something or someone very lightly, with little force. You can bump something or someone accidentally or on purpose.
While Joel and Katie were playing in the living room, Joel bumped the flowers over onto the floor with his leg. I asked him to clean up the mess he made.
Jim bumped his elbow against Catherine's arm.
He wanted her to know he was there for her if she needed someone to talk to.
Just as the word bump means to hit something lightly, to bump against someone or bump against something means to touch it accidentally or in a gentle way.
If you accidentally bump against someone in the street, it is polite to say you're sorry. Even if it is just an accident, you should apologise for the mistake.
Sarah is so clumsy. Every time she goes dancing, she bumps against everyone else on the dancefloor. Sometimes she even causes other people to fall.


When water falls below 0 degrees Celsius, it turns into ice or it freezes. So ice is frozen water. When it's very, very cold we often say it's freezing. Figuratively, we also say that a person freezes when he or she quickly stops moving. Cops, for example, often shout the word freeze when they want a suspect to stay still.
I just put the ice¬cube tray into the freezer, so the ice cubes probably haven't frozen yet. They take about an hour or two to freeze.
I did not have time to read the newspaper online so when I switched on the TV and heard the news, I just froze. I was so shocked that I couldn't even move.
Anti¬freeze is a chemical that prevents water from freezing. We put it in engines so they are not damaged by cold weather in the winter.
You should make sure you keep enough anti¬freeze in your engine. I forgot to add it last year and one of the valves burst. It was very expensive to fix.
Sally said that it's very important to keep anti¬freeze away from animals and children. It has an unusually sweet flavor, so they are tempted to drink it. But it's extremely harmful and even poisonous.