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To condone something means to approve of something another person does or says. You can condone a behavior, idea, action, or event by showing your agreement with it.
Most parents will not condone the mistakes or bad decisions of their children. But they will be there to help them when they are in trouble.
At first, Jenny didn't approve of her sister's decision to be a hairdresser. But she condoned it after she saw how happy the job made her sister.
When two or more people condone the same idea or action, they give mutual consent. This means they agree to participate in the same activity.
Carol and John both had adventurous personalities. So, when they had the chance to go skydiving in Europe, they gave mutual consent.
Mutual consent is required for any business transaction to be successful. If one side does not agree, then the deal cannot happen.

Give The Green Light

When you give the green light, it means you approve the starting of a project or idea. Usually, a person who has the authority or power to start a project will be the one to give the green light.
Patrick is a big¬time film producer in London. He just gave the green light for a big film deal that is supposed to make millions of pounds.
Before he could be successful with his new restaurant, Josh knew he had to take a few risks. So, he gave the green light to invest $3,000 in local advertising.
A synonym for the phrase give the green light is stamp of approval. When you give your stamp of approval on something, it means you are agreeing that the project or idea should be started.
The best artists are not very confident about their work. They just need someone to give their stamp of approval before they can feel good about a project they've completed.
Josh gave his stamp of approval for the building project. He knew the company would make a lot of money from the deal.
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