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To charge something is to connect it to an electrical source so that power flows into the object. When you charge something, you are filling it with electrical power. Charge can also be used as a noun to indicate how much power a device has, as in how much of a charge does your tablet have right now?
Ex: I seem to have terrible trouble remembering to charge my phone in the evenings. I have taken to writing myself a note that stays on the bedside table so that I remember to plug the phone in before going to sleep.
Ex: The new electric cars can save lots of money in fuel, but they do need to be charged by plugging into a wall outlet installed in your home.
A charger is the device that is used to transfer the electricity from the source of power to the object you want charged. For example, a car charger uses the electricity from your car to power your phone.
Ex: Marie thought there was a problem with her new and very expensive tablet, so she was relieved to find out the issue was only a bad charger.
Ex: Bill left his charger in his hotel room in the midst of a mad dash to pack his things after waking up just in time to catch his plane to the next city. He had to purchase a new charger in order to use his phone the following day.


Load is the amount of resistance a circuit has to electricity. The amount of energy that a circuit can take without overheating or “blowing” is the load.
Ex: It seems unusual that whenever there are two hair dryers operating at one time in our home, the circuit has too heavy of a load and the breaker temporarily cuts power to the house.
Ex: If the cable you are trying to use has a plug that will not fit into an extension cord, it is likely that the cord is not designed to carry the type of electrical load you need.
The expression take a load off means to sit down, to rest, to ease one‘s burdens. If you tell someone to take a load off, you are inviting them to put down what they are carrying and relax for a few minutes.
Ex: You look like you've been working so hard today. Why don't you take a load off and sit for awhile. I will try to get things cleaned up at the front counter.
Ex: That little coffee shop in the middle of the high street looks like it has a few different types of tea. Let's plan to break from shopping at 2 p.m., take a load off, and refresh ourselves.
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