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The word susceptibility means being easily affected or influenced by something else. A person is susceptible to something if it can easily control or affect them in some way.
Ex: I worry about Ashley because she has a strong susceptibility to the pressure of her friends. Anytime they ask her to do something, she will do it, even if it can get her into trouble.

Ex: John is very susceptible to the temptation of fast food. Every time he drives by a McDonald's, he has to stop and buy something, even if he is not hungry.
If someone is susceptible to something, they are easily influenced by it. To be easily influenced means it is not hard to convince you to do something or act in a certain way.
Ex: Catherine has always been easily influenced by commercials. Just last week, she bought a new set of dishes because she saw a commercial for them on TV.
Ex: Teenagers can be easily influenced by their friends. For that reason, it is important for parents to teach their children how to be independent thinkers.


The word exceed means to go over and above. It can refer to anything from a quantity to a boundary.
Ex: It is safest to avoid exceeding the posted speed limit. If there is an obstacle in the road, you will have more time to stop safely.
Ex: You may not exceed the clothing budget I gave you for this school year. If you do not stop spending money soon, you will run out.
The word exceed also means to excel or be superior to someone or something. It implies surpassing other people.
Ex: Your performance as an accountant has exceeded all others. Some people have the tendency to think handling people's money is boring, and they become lazy.
Ex: Mary's final essay exceeded the other students'. She expressed her opinion with such conviction that the professor is certain to give her an A.
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