Video appunto: Guilt and Shame


Guilt is the feeling one experiences if he feels sorry for committing something wrong. If you experience guilt, you probably are guilty, meaning that you did something you shouldn't have done.
The jury determined the guilt of the defendant in the murder trial and recommended a sentence of life in prison. The defendant had hoped for a verdict of innocent.

Scott felt tremendous guilt when he lied to his mother and said that the dog had broken her favorite vase. He felt relieved when he finally told her the truth.
The phrase, guilty as charged, can be used in both a serious manner and a more lighthearted way. The foreman of the jury may announce that the defendant is guilty as charged, and someone acclaimed as being the smartest student in the class may laugh and declare himself guilty as charged.
Just last week, two brothers were released from prison after serving thirty years when their guilt was disproved by new DNA evidence.
When my friends told me that I was lucky to have them as friends, I admitted to being guilty as charged which made them laugh.


Shame is the feeling that arises from recognizing that one has done something wrong or dishonorable. He feels ashamed. It can also be a circumstance that makes one feel sorry for doing something wrong.
Mary felt great shame after telling her little sister that Santa Claus is not real. Her little sister cried for days.
It's a shame that Newtown will not hold its annual children's parade this year. It always draws thousands of visitors to the town.
Put to shame is an informal phrase. It implies that one individual is so superior in some way to everybody else that she puts them to shame. It is likely that your parents or friends have said shame on you after you have done something you shouldn't have.
Molly played piano so well that she put the other music students to shame. One girl felt so bad that she quit taking lessons.
My dog chewed my new shoes. When I said shame on you, he just wagged his tail and licked my face. He didn't feel much shame.