Video appunto: Vulnerable and Distressed
A vulnerable person is one who is likely to be hurt physically or emotionally. A vulnerable place is one that can be harmed or destroyed by attack or weather.
Babies are vulnerable to diseases, so doctors recommend they be immunized against them starting from around two months of age.
New Orleans proved to be vulnerable to flooding when Hurricane Katrina hit the city in 2005.
Because the city sits below sea level, engineers designed a series of levees to prevent water from the Gulf of Mexico from flooding it again.
Vulnerability is the noun form. Vulnerability can be a positive attribute, as it makes someone open to emotional connections.
Vulnerability is a positive trait in actors. They can identify more readily with the emotions felt by the characters they play in film or on the stage.
My sister's vulnerability makes her become offended easily. It makes everyone else in the family uncomfortable because they must be careful about what they say all of the time.


Distress is great pain, either physical or emotional. Someone who is feeling distressed is in some kind of pain.
The feud between the Capulets and the Montagues in Romeo and Juliet created emotional distress for the two young lovers which eventually led to their tragic ends.
Susan was distressed by the thought of losing her position as first¬chair violinist in the symphony orchestra. She had given her entire life to her instrument.
A ship or a plane that is in trouble might send out a distress call, which is a call for help. A damsel in distress is a common character in fairy tales or stories of heroism.
One of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of some planes and ships is the absence of any sort of distress call from the crew.
Rapunzel is a damsel in distress who is locked in a high tower with no means of escape until her rescuer tells her to let down her long hair through the window.