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To glitter is to shine with a bright and shimmering, irregular but pleasant light. This might be water that is wavy and moving, or jewelry with lots of small, shiny pieces that hang and move.
Ex: The lake water was glittering in the sun as our boat moved across it. The light was so bright sometimes that we had to put our sunglasses on to look at it.
Ex: When Erin entered the room, her bright, shiny dress actually glittered in the light. She looked magical and radiant.
Glitter is also a noun for tiny pieces of shiny, colored material (usually cheap metal) that are used for decoration or in make-up. We often say all that glitters is not gold to remind people that sometimes things are not as good as they seem, or that something that looks high-quality might actually be very cheap.
Ex: Ryan uses a lot of glitter in her art projects. She loves the way it shines in the right light, but the little pieces of glitter sure do make a mess in the house!
Ex: Orla bought her shoes from a posh boutique, and they are really beautiful, but they've already broken after a few months of wearing them. I guess all that glitters is not gold after all.


To glare is to give off a very bright light, usually in an unpleasant or even dangerous way. It usually makes it difficult to see something, like the road when you are driving. As a noun, the bright light that a shiny object gives off that is unpleasant or makes it difficult to see is called a glare.
Ex: It's so sunny here, you really must wear sunglasses when you're driving. Puddles of water can be quite shiny and give off a bright glare that can block your vision.
Ex: The lights in the restaurant were so bright they really glared and made the whole experience unpleasant. It almost hurt your eyes just to look around.
A person who looks at you in an unpleasant way, usually to show anger, glares at you.
Ex: Hector was talking and laughing with his friends when the teacher glared at him. She'd been waiting for them to be quiet so she could start the lesson, and now he finally saw the angry look on her face.
Ex: James knew his brother was angry even though he didn't say a word. He could see it in the way he glared from across the room.
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