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The word alley means a small street that gives access between the street and the backyard of homes or garages.
Ex: The alley behind my house gives anyone a way to get into my back garden. My mother suggested that I brush up on self defence in case an intruder found his way in.
Ex: It was an uphill struggle to get the moving van through the narrow alley. It was not going to be easy to get those boxes into my garage.
The word alley, or bowling alley, can also mean a long wooden, indoor lane designed for rolling a bowling ball.
Ex: I plan to hold my birthday party at the local bowling alley. Playing games with friends will certainly make this party exceed my expectations.
Ex: Make sure you roll your ball down the correct alley. If you're leaning your body directly forward, you will not have a problem.

Bedroom Community

The phrase bedroom community refers to an area where people live and commute to work, sometimes to a nearby city. In this case, it is a synonym for the suburbs. In the UK, bedroom community is not used and they say residential suburb.
Ex: Bedroom communities are not for me. I prefer the hustle and bustle of life downtown. I cannot wait to find an apartment there!
Ex: When I get older, I would like to buy a nice house in a residential suburb. I want to have several children so a townhouse will not do.
The phrase bedroom community is sometimes known as a dormitory town. This is a primarily British saying.
Ex: There are several dormitory towns in the suburbs of London. They are beautiful but very expensive to live in.
Ex: Did you grow up in a dormitory town? I did, and the solitude never annoyed me until now. I would rather be downtown.
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