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Differences in BE and AE
4 main categories:
1. Same word – Different meaning
Pants : Underpants (British)
Trousers (American)
Pavement : Footpath (British)
Road surface (American)

2.Same word – Addition meaning in one variety
Bathroom: room with bath or shower and sink (British & American)
room with toilette only (American)
Smart: intelligent (British & American)
well-groomed (British)

3.Same word – Difference in style, connotation or frequency of use
ex. Autumn: common use (British)
uncommon and poetic - fall (American)
Quite: negative or neutral (British)
Positive (American)

4.Same concept – Different word
ex. Queue (British only) - Line (American)
Faucet (American only) - Tap (British)

General nouns:
Candidature (British) – Candidacy (American)
Centenary (British) – Centannial (American)

Conversion: tendency to use verbs as nouns en American English
ex. To run down --> The rundown

Collective nouns used as PLURAL in British English
SINGULAR in American English

English as a global language – new form of contact:
• Worldwide phenomenon
• English as lingua franca *Professor David Crystal

Anglicism: word originally English but used too in other languages with same or similar meaning.
• Pseudo Anglicism
• English terms endowed with an “aura”
• Reduction of English terms
• Lengthening of English terms (rare)

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