Video appunto: Break Of Day and Sunrise

Break Of Day

The break of day is the time during which sunlight begins to lighten the sky. However, the sun is still below the horizon. The break of day is when people can begin to work because there is more light in the sky but the sun has not yet rise. You can also call it the daybreak. In British English, people usually say crack of dawn meaning the same.

Ex: Farmers and other agricultural workers wake up at the break of day to make sure they have time to complete a full day's work in the fields.
Ex: If you need to wake up at the crack of dawn for work, coffee can be a great help. It can wake you up in the morning when you have to start your day very early.
Daylight is literally the light that comes from the sun during the day. However, the word daylight is often used to describe things that happen during the day, or during daylight hours.
Ex: When the house gets too dark in the afternoon, we like to open the living room windows and let more daylight into the room.
Ex: Sarah has such a busy schedule that she is away from home during all daylight hours every day of the week.


Sunrise is the moment when the sun rises above the horizon and can be seen in the sky. It occurs soon after the break of day.
Ex: One of the most beautiful things to do when on holiday in the mountains is to watch the sunrise in the early morning. The sun is beautiful as it peeks out above the mountain cliffs.
Ex: Jack usually starts his day while it is still dark outside. Therefore, he takes a morning break at sunrise so he can watch the sun as he enjoys his coffee.
The exact opposite of sunrise is sunset. This is the time of day when the sun falls below the horizon. However, some sunlight can still be seen in sky for a while after sunset.
Ex: If you want to plan a special date with your partner, consider a sunset picnic. It is very romantic to watch the sun dip below the clouds while enjoying a nice meal in the park.
Ex: The scientists were eager to see the shooting star come out across the sky, but they had to wait until sunset at 6 p.m. so the sun would not hide the star from their view.