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To support someone or something means to offer help or assistance in their cause. It is often used as a synonym for the word assist. However, you can support someone with a task, and you can also support someone emotionally by helping them through a personal issue.
Jim believed in the local charity to support the homeless in his town. He gave them $2,000 to support their efforts to help children without a place to live.
If you want to support a friend who is going through a hard time, just be there to listen to them. Sometimes people just need to talk about what they're feeling.
Someone who offers their support to someone is described as a supportive person. You can be supportive to someone both practically, physically, or emotionally.
John was always supportive of his wife's dream to become an artist. He built a room in their house especially for her to work on her paintings.

The most supportive people are the ones who are with you even when you're sad. They aren't afraid to be with you when you're not feeling your best.

Help Out

To help out means to give your support or assistance in a specific project. You can help out by working with your hands, offering money in support of a cause, or providing mental or practical guidance.
When Karen had to move across town in two days, we decided to help out by helping her pack her things in boxes and put them on the moving truck.
After hearing about the Johnson family's recent financial troubles, I helped out by sending them a cheque to cover their rent and electricity for the month.
A synonym for the phrase help out is to lend a hand. When you lend someone a hand, you give your support by using what skills or goods you have to meet a need of the other person.
Looking after a house can be hard work. But it is much easier when you have a husband or wife who can lend a hand with the chores.
Bob was having trouble organizing his office. So, he asked his co¬worker Jim to lend a hand with sorting out the files and paperwork.

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