Different types of family

There are different types of family. Family members are related to each other in different ways. Therefore, there are various forms of relationships in the family. These relationships can be shown graphically as a family tree. The family as a group performs some roles in the society while each member has define roles to perform in the family.

Meaning of family

A family is basically a group of persons who live together and are united by ties of marriage, blood or adoption. Family members are each other's kin.
We have the division into:

1) The nuclear family: This is made up of a man, his wife and their children. It is also sometimes called a monogamous family because it arises from one man and one wife only.

2) Polygamous family: this is made up of a man, his wives and their several children. In a polygamous family a man is legally married to more than one wife.

3) Extended family: this type is family is made up of husband, his wife or wives, their children and includes other relations like uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, wives of sons and their children. The oldest member become the head of the extended family. This type of family is common mostly in African countries.

People may think a happy family is a family that is rich with wealth and possesions but money can not buy happiness or a happy family.

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