Video appunto: Fall and Slip


The word fall means to come down quickly to a lower position. It implies landing on the ground. Fall in love is a popular phrase meaning to let yourself come to a feeling of love.
The basketball player took a hard fall when his teammate accidentally bumped into him during the game.
When my grandfather first fell in love with my grandmother they were both very young and their parents forbade them to marry.

Fall can be a synonym for autumn. It can also mean to pass into a new condition, such as sleep. The phrase rise and fall refers to a success followed by a failure. Another idiom with this verb is fall from grace or fall from favor, which means that you have lost the respect of others.
It was really hard for me to fall asleep last night. I was too worried about the playoff game coming up next week.
The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is studied in most year nine history classes because of its significance to our past.


The word slip means to lose your footing and suddenly slide from one place to another. It usually implies that the person has fallen. This type of accident is commonly referred to as a slip and fall.
You need to be very careful walking across our sidewalk during the winter months. When it is icy, you can easily slip and hurt yourself.
We have been waiting for over an hour at the doctor's office because a person who had a serious slip and fall arrived and needed to be seen immediately.
Slip can also mean to move around easily and quietly. In some cases, slip means to get in and out of clothing quickly.
The thief was able to escape detection by the police as he was able to slip quietly out of a window in the back of the shop.
I slipped off my coat and hung it on the back of the chair as we came in from a long day of sledging.