- About me : I’m Eleonora and I’m sixteen years old. I’m an Italian student. I’m someone who live in a flat which is situated in the city center of Terni.
I’m short and slim. I haven’t any tattoo on my body, but I’d like to have a navel piercing. I love it, but my parents don’t agree with me.
I’m a person who’s quite shy and insecure, but despite this I have lots of friends.
I love shopping, all my money goes on it! I like shopping online, in fact I order a lot of shirts in New York’s online stores. I like lots of clothes shop, but the shops I can’t walk past are H&M and Zara.
I adore tight dresses and hoodies, but I don’t like miniskirts.
I also like accessories and bags. I prefer bright than dark clothes.
I love leggings, these are very comfortable for me.
I adore doing sport, my favorite sport is volleyball and I’ve been practicing it since I was eight. I do it three times a week.

- Parents: My father have a good job. He works in his office, other hand my mother is an housewife.
My dad has been working since I was born, he like his job and he works hard, but still has time for his family. I know he’s working to give me a better life.
My parents and I don’t get on really well in this period; in fact we have lot of different ideas than we often argue.
I think that, despite the misunderstandings, parents are a role model to follow by their children who have to listen their advice.

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