Video appunto: Capital Letters and Highlight

Capital Letters

A capital letter is a letter of the alphabet that is written in a larger font size and shape than the lowercase letters. Sentences, formal names, and titles begin with capital letters.
Do not forget that the names of states and countries begin with capital letters. Also, capitalize the headline of your article.

Jonathan did not start his sentences with capital letters. If this pattern of bad grammar continues, he will get a bad mark.
Capital letters can also be referred to as caps. This originated from the “caps lock” key on computers, laptops, etc.
Do not forget to put your title in caps. Your editor will go through the roof if you do not emphasise the name of your novel.
Why are you writing in all caps? No one will know what you are trying to emphasise and it is unreadable.


The word highlight means to emphasize something by shading it. This is usually done in a different color than the font of the writing.
I want to highlight my phone number so he remembers to call me. It is a bold move, but I would really like to speak with him.
My professor told me to highlight all the important information in the textbook before the test. That should reduce my study time.
The word highlight has other meanings, as well. The word can be used to refer to an important event or something memorable. The word highlight can also be used to talk about pieces of a person's hair that have been lightened.
The highlight of the wedding was listening to the vows they wrote for each other. It was touching to hear how they felt about one another.
Have you seen her highlights? They are beautiful, and now I am not opposed to getting some myself!