Video appunto: Freckle and Mole


To freckle means that your skin reacts to sunlight by developing freckles, which are spots on your skin that have a darker color than the rest of your skin. Freckled can be used to describe something that is covered with small spots.
Ex: Sophie hated the thousands of freckles that appeared on her skin when she played in the sun as a child.
She is happy that freckles fade with age so she can now be in the sun and be content with her appearance.
Ex: The table was freckled with ketchup and mustard after my brother shook the containers too hard. My mother had to wipe off the spots before we could continue eating our hot dogs.
Children who have freckles are often called freckle faced, a generally affectionate description. It suggests innocence. Freckles are a genetic trait and people with red hair and fair skin are most likely to have freckles. Some people have so many freckles, it's difficult to see any spaces between them.
Ex: One of the earliest American television shows was The Howdy Doody Show. Howdy Doody was a freckle faced marionette whom the children of the 1950s loved.
Ex: If neither of your parents have freckles, the chances are you won't have them either. Freckles, like hair and eye colour, are a genetic trait.


A mole is a spot on the skin that is usually a dark color and often slightly elevated from the skin. A mole can also be a small mammal that is often mistaken for a mouse. It is generally blind and tunnels under the ground.
Ex: A mole on a woman's face is sometimes called a beauty mark. All moles, however should be examined regularly, as changes in their size or shape can indicate skin cancer.
Ex: Karen's cat is an efficient hunter. Every night, he catches at least one mole and leaves it on the doorstep for Karen to find in the morning.
In the world of spies, a mole is an agent who works his way into an agency in order to spy for the other side. It is not uncommon for big businesses to have a mole or two who report on advances in techniques or products to a competing business.
Ex: During the 1960s, the Americans and the Soviets were competing in many areas, and both countries placed moles inside each other's embassies to try to steal secrets.
Ex: Industrial espionage is a term for the act of one big company using a mole to spy on a competing company to discover its newest developments.