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To inherit is to receive something that belonged to someone else first. This often refers to genetic traits or illnesses passed to you by your parents or money given to you after someone you are close to dies.
Ex: Look at this family photo! Samantha must have inherited her beautiful blue eyes from her mother, and her dark, curly hair from her father.
Ex: Richard inherited the family farm when his mother passed away, but he doesn't know anything about raising plants or animals!
You can also inherit a hobby, interest, or personality trait due to the influence of your family or relatives.
Ex: My son must have inherited his love of football from his grandfather. They used to watch every match together on television when he was younger.
Ex: The most valuable thing I inherited from my parents was not money; it was a passion for helping other people.


Pertain to somebody or something means to be connected with that person or thing. It is used in formal situations.

Ex: Michelle has emailed me only the parts of the application that pertain to citizens of the European Union, since I have an EU passport.
Ex: Does anyone have a question pertaining to the Civil War? I will only be speaking about that war today, not any of the country's earlier wars.
If something doesn't pertain to you, then it isn't your business, it's not important to you, or you shouldn't worry about it.
Ex: All the information I have found online is meant for the parents of young children, but that doesn't pertain to you since your children are all grown up now.
Ex: What we are talking about at the moment doesn't pertain to the undergraduate students, so you are free to leave the classroom unless you are a postgraduate student.

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