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As I was doing my homework…

As I was doing my homework, and I swear I was putting an effort into those math equations and I had almost finished them, the cat tried to sit on my notebook. When I pushed her away she crushed against the biscuit pack which was open beside me (because studying makes me hungry). So the biscuits fell and spread all over the table. At the same time the door bell rang and my dad not being back from work yet, and my mother being busy in the kitchen, I had to go open the door. It was the neighbor who had noticed an increasing dark spot on his bedroom’s wall. He was all worked up and arguing that it was water leaking somewhere in our bathroom so he wanted to come in and check it out. My mother heard this from the kitchen but, being still so busy cooking, she ordered me to accompany our dear neighbor to see the bathroom. After twenty minutes he hadn’t found a trace of leaking water but he was still sure that that was the cause and demanded we called a plumber first thing tomorrow. After I showed him out, dinner was ready and dad arrived home from work. So we had dinner all together and after dinner, because mum told dad about the possible leaking problem, I was asked to show dad the bathroom, the places our neighbor had checked and the supposedly leaking area. When we were through with it, it was already 9:30 pm and I have to admit, I was glad that I could finally return to my homework and work out that last tricky equation. When I opened my bedroom’s door, Spiky, our Labrador walked quickly out, head low and averting eyes… that’s what he usually does after he’s done something bad. “What did you do this time?” I wondered in my mind… Then I remembered the biscuits and I really panicked! I ran to the table and they were all gone and the last pages of my notebook were tore apart! I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I didn’t even have time to run after the dog because I swear; I wanted to try to do all the equations again. But I’m not very quick with math and it was soon very late and I was extremely tired so yes… I only have got the first two done. But I swear, teacher, it wasn’t my fault.
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