Video appunto: Bomber and Cargo


An aircraft designed to carry and drop bombs is known as a bomber. Bombers are used by the military. When a bomber has dropped bombs on a target, it has bombed that target. A bomber can also be a person who delivers and sets off a bomb.
Ex: Many bombers dropped bombs on London, England during WWII, destroying buildings and causing great fear among Londoners.

Ex: The largest bomber ever built and used in war is the B¬52. It played a significant role in the first Gulf War.
A student can bomb a test, but that doesn’t mean he dropped bombs on it. This is a figurative use of the word. It means that he failed the test. The student is not referred to as a bomber, however. The most recent use of the word bomb is in the term, photobomb. That happens when someone places himself in a picture when he is not the photographers subject.
Ex: Mark bombed his chemistry exam, so, unless the professor lets him take another one, he will fail the course.
Ex: One of the waiters at the reception placed himself in every picture. When John reviewed the photographs, he saw that they were all photobombs.


Cargo is defined as items carried on an aircraft, a ship, or a truck. Some planes and ships are designed for the sole purpose of carrying goods, so they are called cargo planes and cargo ships. Most cargo is placed in the cargo hold of a ship or plane.
Ex: Medical equipment made up the bulk of the cargo headed for that country. Missionary doctors would use it to treat the victims of AIDS.
Ex: The Lockheed C¬5 Galaxy is a large cargo plane used by the United States Air Force. It can carry tanks and supplies to troops stationed in remote areas.
Cargo pants are a popular clothing item. They have large pockets on the pant legs, making it possible to carry large items and pieces of equipment. In other words, you can carry cargo in them.
Ex: The pockets in John's cargo pants were always filled with small tools that he uses to repair small appliances.
Ex: Cargo pants initially were worn only by workers who found the large pockets useful in their jobs, but designers have made them in a variety of fabrics and colors to appeal to every buyer.