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To deceive someone means to lie or trick them into believing something that is not true. Usually, when a person is deceptive, they will continue lying to someone else for a long period of time. A deception is bigger than just telling a small lie.
Ex: I don't like spending time with Justin because he is a deceptive person. Last year, he told everyone he owned his own business when he was really just a waiter at a bar in the town centre.
Ex: Sarah deceived her husband for over five years before their divorce. She told him it was her first marriage, but she had been married three times before.
Unlike a deception, a little white lie is something that is untrue but not very harmful to others. Most people don't feel bad about telling little white lies to their friends or family.
Ex: George didn't see anything wrong with telling Nikki he liked her dress. It was just a little white lie, and he didn't want to make her sad by telling her the dress was ugly.
Ex: I told a little white lie to my mum last night when I told her I had broken up with Janet. I knew she didn't like her, so I didn't want her to be upset about us dating.

Wear Down

To wear someone down means to get them to do what you want through consistent effort. When you ask someone repeated to act in a certain way and they finally do it, you have worn them down. Wear down can also mean to bother or annoy someone.
Ex: Jessica knew she wasn't allowed to borrow her parents' car until she was 17, but she really wanted to go to the mall. She finally wore them down by promising to clean the house for a month.
Ex: One of the best ways to wear your friend down is to tell them what you like about them. Giving compliments to someone is one of the best ways to get them to do what you want.
If you are wearing someone down in a negative way, you are irritating them. To irritate someone means to bother them in a way that makes them angry or unhappy with your presence.
Ex: Catalina was so irritated with her brother. He kept coming into her room and jumping on her bed while she was trying to do her homework.
Ex: I love spending time with my family over Christmas, but I get irritated by my parents. They always tell me what to do with my life and never ask me about my goals for the future.
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