Video appunto: Drop-Down Menu and Pop-Up

Drop¬Down Menu

A drop¬down menu is a list of choices that will be shown below the first option when you click on the arrow. Drop¬down menus are used for programs as well as websites. Many websites use them to give you a direct link to the page you want to visit, without having to go through other pages first.

Ex: Mr. Remington would like us to put a drop¬down menu on his website so that people can access the page they want more quickly.
Ex: Madeleine showed us how to use the drop¬down menu for fonts to choose the size of the texts we wanted for our various documents.
Drop¬down can refer to something that unfolds when needed, such as a bed in an RV (recreational vehicle) or camper.
Ex: Georgina, tell your parents that we have an extra drop¬down bed in our camper van, and that if they would allow you to sleep there tonight, you'd be most welcome.
Ex: The hotel clerk eagerly informed us that each room was equipped with a drop¬down ironing board, a microwave, and a small refrigerator for the guests' convenience.


A pop¬up is a small window that opens when a program or website wants you to do something. It opens on top of the window you are working in. Pop¬ups can be annoying because many times, they're ads for things you don't want, so many people put pop¬up ad blockers on their computers.
Ex: My father got so annoyed with all the pop¬up ads showing up on his computer screen that he finally bought an ad blocker for the computer.
Ex: When you finish your purchases at the clothing website, a pop¬up will appear asking if you would like to take their survey. You can close this if you're not interested.
Another use for pop¬ups refers to the folded cut¬out pictures that rise up to form a three dimensional scene in books and greeting cards.
Ex: Three¬ year ¬old Maddie was extremely excited to see the pop¬up princess castle that came out of her birthday card when she opened it.
Ex: My wife and I gave our history loving nephew a book on London. It had a pop¬up model of the Houses of Parliament in the middle of it.