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intervista ad un personaggio famoso in inglese: Albert Einstein

Interview to Albert Einstein

So, you are one of the most famous physicists in the world. What do you think about that?
I think that I have been lucky.
It isn’t a matter of luck. What you wrote is simply genius. Have you always enjoyed studying?
I have never enjoyed studying. I have always found studying quite boring – learning, that’s another matter, but humans are too stupid to understand the difference. When I first ask to enter a Swiss university, I was rejected.
Why have you chosen to dedicate yourself to physics?
I didn’t choose it, it just happened. I simply wanted to understand how our world works.
What was your first article?
It was an article about the physics of fluids in straws published in Annalen der Physik. Nobody took real care about it.
Let’s change topic. Did you ever fall in love?
Sure, I did. She was a mate of mine at university, her name was Mileva. We caused quite a scandal.
Society was different at that time. She had a daughter when we weren’t married yet. We had to give her to adoption. Later we did marry, but it was too late.
Sorry about that. But that were also important years for you.
Yes, they were. In 1905 I published what was the core of the special relativity.
A revolution in physics.
Just something that made sense. No Maths or stupid research required.
Was your idea successful?
Not at all. Nobody cared about it. I was also rejected (again) when I applied for a job at the university.
Did you stop after that disappointment?
Absolutely not. If you are a genius and nobody can understand it, that’s the others’ fault, not yours.
So, which advice would you to nowadays young people?
Never stop. If you have an idea, follow it. If you have a project, start it. If you are not understood, keep holding on anyway. Life’s too short to listen to others’ opinions.
Thank you very much, Albert!

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