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Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure that makes you want to shout or to hurt someone, usually because something has been done to you that you feel is wrong or unfair.
Mr. Throckmorton's anger rose as he heard the police officer lecture him on the importance of obeying the speed limit laws. He would not stop long enough to listen to Mr. Throckmorton's reason for driving so fast.
Cynthia could see that Robert was full of anger toward his father. She knew that Maurice had asked Robert to spend his day off pulling weeds in his the garden again.
The phrase more in sorrow than in anger means that something that might have made you respond in anger has made you feel sorrow instead.
When Veronica told her father that she had failed her classes and left school, she expected to see him in a rage, but instead, he looked at her more in sorrow than in anger.
Speaking more in sorrow than in anger, Mrs. Jamison explained to Amelia that she was missing her favourite gold earrings, and asked her guest where she had found the ones she was wearing.


Awe means wonder, amazement, or reverence. The roots of the word awe are found in the words for fear or anguish. If you are awed by something, you feel great respect, admiration, wonder, or perhaps even fear of it.
The tourists, who were busy talking and chattering all day, were suddenly awed and silent as they entered the old cathedral and were overwhelmed by its size.
The young girl could only stare at the figure skater who asked if she would like an autograph. She felt nothing but awe for the gold medalist who stood before her.
To be in awe is to be overwhelmed by a feeling of wonder, amazement, or reverence for someone or something. The feeling of being in awe is so overwhelming that it almost pains the person who is experiencing it.
The little boy always watched in awe of his older brother on the football pitch, who he considered his hero.
The more you learn about the solar system, the more in awe you become of its immense size and the vast amount of undiscovered space.

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