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The word carnivore refers to a person or animal that eats the meat of other animals. They can be described as carnivorous.
Ex: I definitely consider myself a carnivore. My favourite type of restaurant is an American-style steakhouse that serves all cuts of meat!
Ex: My mother cannot understand why we are all carnivores. She has always lectured us on the harm that red meat can do to your heart.
The word carnivore can also refer to a plant. In this case, it is a plant that eats insects.
Ex: My Venus Fly Trap is an interesting plant. It is a carnivore that delights in grabbing flies from the air to eat.
Ex: Plants that are carnivores are also known as insectivorous. They demand a steady supply of flies to stay alive.


To milk is to get the milk, which is the white liquid that comes from livestock animals, usually cows or goats. Figuratively, milking or milking someone or something for all their worth means making money off of someone or getting as much advantage as possible from someone or something, usually in a negative or exploitative way.
Ex: When Sally worked on the farm, she had to get up very early every morning to milk the cows. She didn't like squeezing their udders every day, but it was better than shoveling the manure.
Ex: Julia's brother is milking his injury for all it's worth. He's been home from work on full pay for a week and he's going to stay there for as long as possible.
Milk is usually sold as skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole milk. Skimmed milk has no almost fat because the cream (fatty part) has been taken off the top. Semi-skimmed milk has a small amount of fat, usually 1-2%. Whole milk has the natural amount of fat.
Ex: My mom always buys skimmed milk in the supermarket, so I don't drink milk at home. It just tastes like water!
Ex: I try to drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk for health reasons, but when I use milk in coffee or cooking, I prefer to use whole milk because it has more flavour.
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