Video appunto: Argue


When two or more people talk about an issue in an aggressive or angry way, they argue about the topic. This could include yelling or screaming, but it could also just mean that both sides fail to see or think about the other side of the issue. When people argue, they only want to prove they are right.
Ex: Catalina and Josh argued about what restaurant to go to in the evening.
Catalina wanted to eat sushi, but Josh wanted something different and felt like having pizza for dinner instead.
Ex: As soon as they started making less money from holiday sales, the bookstore owners argued about how to keep customers coming in. One wanted to create more posters to bring people in, while the other wanted to buy different kinds of books that people would want to read.
An argument about an issue is when two or more people want to prove their side or opinion, without considering the opinion of the other person or people involved. In an argument, two people could become angry. However, a discussion is usually more peaceful, and both people listen and accept each other’s opinions.
Ex: Katie had an argument with her mother about what time she should come home from the party. She said 16¬year¬olds should be able to stay out until midnight, while her mom was angry with Katie's actions and thought 9 p.m. was more appropriate.
Ex: Before you make a decision for your whole family, it is smart to have a discussion with your wife first. You want to make sure what you do will make everyone in the house happy