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Call In

To call someone in is to summon them, particularly for help or advice. Doctors are frequently called in by other doctors to consult or assist on cases.
Ex: When the situation starts to look like it might cost you a lot of money, it's time to call in a lawyer. Nothing is as good as knowing your legal rights.
Ex: Dr. Howard, the family doctor, called in Dr. Martin, the specialist, for a consultation. He wanted to know if the patient was a candidate for brain surgery.
Calling in can also refer to when a worker calls his place of employment to let them know that he will be absent from work on that day. If you call something or someone back in, you are summoning them to return.
Ex: I haven't felt well all week, and now I have a temperature. I have the shakes, a sore throat, and my body aches. I think it's time to call in and just take the day off. Maybe I'll go and see the doctor!
Ex: I let the dogs out so they could do their business in the garden, but all they're doing now is howling and barking and bothering the neighbours. I think I'd better call them back in.


Surgery is the practice of repairing, replacing, or removing parts of the body through incisions, and also refers to the medical specialty of surgery.
Ex: My Aunt Barbara had to have emergency surgery to remove a blockage from her throat. She had choked on a cherry pit and it lodged in her windpipe.
Ex: After medical school, Dr. Bradley Wasserman decided to go into surgery, since none of the other specialties appealed to him. He couldn't understand, for instance, wanting to look at people's feet all the time.
Doctors do surgeries or consultations during their hours, which are the prescribed times of day when they visit and check on their patients in the hospital and these patient visits are called rounds. If we want to figuratively suggest that a task is not difficult, we can say that it is not brain surgery.
Ex: Dr. Needleman's surgery hours start at three o'clock this afternoon, so he'll probably be in to check on you between three and five.
Ex: Dr. Mendel and Dr. Fendel make their rounds at the same time, and as they pass each other in the hospital corridors, they always greet each other formally, as a joke.
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