Video appunto: Crop and Peasant


A crop is what a farm produces. It is what results from cultivating the land and planting seeds. To crop can also mean to cut off. For example, you can have your hair cropped.
The weather this summer helped farmers grow a better potato crop. Farmers will have more potatoes to sell, and consumers will have better potatoes to eat.

When young people join the military, one of the first changes they will make is having their hair cropped very short. The military's goal is to make everyone look the same.
Crop is also something you can do to a photograph. Cropping allows you to cut out parts of the photo that you don't want or to place in the center of the picture the image you want others to focus on. Crop up is a phrasal verb that means to appear suddenly, especially in the case of a problem or a situation. For example, when a new problem crops up, you will probably have to change your plans.
The first action I take when editing my photographs is to crop the image. Then I can focus on improving the color and sharpness of the subject.
Richard began his home renovation by replacing the old windows. Then a new problem cropped up. There was no insulation in the walls.


Peasants are people who are usually not educated and have little financial means. They are often small farmers or farm laborers.
The peasants in many countries find it nearly impossible to improve their lives because they have few opportunities to get an education.
Landowners in less developed countries live lavish lifestyles because they can hire peasants to work for them for very little money.
At one time, peasant blouses for girls, or peasant shirts for boys, were a fashion item. They were styled after folk costumes and had large full sleeves. If you say that someone comes from peasant stock, it means one shouldn't have high expectations for him or her. It is usually a negative comment.
When I was a young boy, my parents traveled to South America. My mother brought back peasant shirts for me and my brother because they reminded her of the folk costumes the Brazilian natives wore.
When Sam failed to impress the members of the gentleman's club, John was not surprised. After all, Sam was from peasant stock.